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At EMSCEP (EMS Continuing Education Program) Radio, we offer continuing medical education content for ALS and BLS EMS Providers.  Sponsored by the Fairfax County Virginia Fire Rescue Department.  

Mar 1, 2017

Lt Duane Tenney from the Fairfax County Fire Rescue, EMS Training Division and Keith Morrison from HCA Reston Hospital, join our host Ed Stern in the studio to discuss both sides of giving and getting report in the pre-hospital community.

Lt Tenney and Ed discuss two simple reporting methods.  DeMIST and DeNEST.   These simple acronym based reporting methods will help keep you on track when calling report to the hospital,

DeMIST is a technique used for trauma report and DeNEST is used for medical report

DeMIST = Demographics, Mechanism, Injuries, Signs, Treatment

DeNEST = Demographics, Nature of Illness, Events, Signs, Treatments

Keith and Ed talk about the other side of the report, what happens in the hospital.  Sometimes the hospital needs some follow-up questions answered before they can act on their side.  We learn from Keith a little more about their process and needs.